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To be the leading provider of power control and renewable energy solutions.


To design, supply and install sustainable energy solutions through continuous innovation and to strive to make our products readily available to all.


Our company culture is based on five core values: innovation, passion, integrity, teamwork and quality. Together with our vision and mission statements, these five values define our organization's reason for existence.

  1. INNOVATION: We are unrelenting in our pursuit of new and brighter ways of servicing our customers and in constant pursuit of improvement and change. Every encounter is a new opportunity to do things better.
  2. PASSION: It is our energy, commitment and enthusiasm that inspire us to achieve excellence in our work. We value the creativity, imagination, dedication, courage and spirit that drives us beyond the ordinary.
  3. INTEGRITY: This is the foundation of our culture and our people and is the responsibility we require of ourselves both in words and actions.
  4. TEAMWORK: This is the collective responsibility we require from our team to  offer optimal solutions, with a focus on achieving common goals.
  5. QUALITY: We believe that our clients are our best advertisement. We endeavor to only offer the best possible quality products and services with the aim to create memorable experiences.