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    PowerPoint Systems (E.A) Ltd supplies and installs Solar Batteries in Kenya and East Africa. Read More
Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers

PowerPoint (E.A) Ltd is one of the biggest suppliers of Solar Charge Controllers in Kenya and Read More


      Powerpoint Systems E.A Ltd is a leading supplier and installer of both Prime Read More


PowerPoint Inverter/ Chargers PowerPoint Systems (E.A) Ltd supplies and installs inverters in Kenya and East Africa Read More
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PowerPoint Inverter/ Chargers

PowerPoint Systems (E.A) Ltd supplies and installs inverters in Kenya and East Africa from Outback, Xantrex and other internationally recognized brands.


PowerPoint Inverter/Chargers are designed to provide clean, reliable, true sine wave back-up power that seamlessly works with any equipment without the electrical buzzing associated with modied sine wave inverters (some equipment will not work at all). In the event of a utility power outage, our equipment provides virtually instantaneous transfer to battery back-up power.

Outback Inverter

The Outback Inverter/Charger is designed to work with large battery banks providing much longer run times than traditional uninterruptible power supplies (UPS's). Its robust design allows the system to work in conjunction with generators that often output very low quality power to provide even longer run times (several days or longer) with the added benefit of greatly reducing the generator's fuel consumption.

Xantrex Inverter

Based on the proven technology of the Xantrex DR Series, the Xantrex Trace Series Inverter/Charger is an economical power conversion solution designed to provide dependable modified sine wave electricity to essential circuits in the home or business during a power outage. It can also be used in conjunction with a generator or any renewable energy source in an off-grid application. In addition to providing new features, the Trace Series improves on the key features that have made the DR Series the most robust and reliable inverter/charger line for backup power and off-grid applications.

SMA Inverter

The Sunny Island Inverter is the ideal solution for off-grid and grid back-up systems. It has incredible surge capacity and a peak efficiency of 95% making it both powerful and cost-efficient. The Sunny Island 5048U utilizes removable MMC/SD cards for storage of performance data by the integrated data logger and for easy firmware upgrades. Its intuitive interface features preconfigured settings for faster commissioning. Wherever reliable, high quality electricity is needed, depend on the Sunny Island to deliver.

All of our Inverters are protected in rugged, cast aluminum housings, and the sealed models offers another level of protection in harsh environments. A single inverter can supply up to 3.6 kW with a 48V battery and additional inverters can be "stacked" to provide up to 36kW in size (3kW to 30kW with 230V, 50Hz units). Our inverters can be used in single phase, split phase or three phase in every country around the world. 

Izzy Power Inverter

Izzy Power inverters are robust, modified sine wave solar application inverters meant for inverting DC to AC. All units feature 'Smart Start for improved start up performance, dynamic DC voltage regulation and soft-start technology for improved reliability. They also feature overload protection and auto re-start in case of overload tripping.

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